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Indoor Pest Control

Prevention service procedures include:


First treatment includes all 10 procedures below:

  • A complete inspection of interior & exterior of your home.

  • Complete crack and crevice injection, treatment in kitchen, bathrooms, utility rooms, water heater closets, bath trap access, etc.

  • Treatment around and under appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators, washers, and dryers.

  • Treatment of furniture drawers as needed or other infested furniture.

  • Complete treatment of garage and garbage area.


Ongoing preventative treatments include all 5 procedures below:


  • Complete treatment of the area around the outside A/C unit.

  • Removal of spider webs and wasps nests from under eaves, around windows and in the garage.

  • Treatment of soil, turf or mulch areas outside against the home or building using liquids granular baits.

  • Treatment of exterior doors, door thresholds, window casings and under eaves.

  • Treatment of all entry points.


*Does not include carpenter ants



Total under roof sq. ft.          First treatment          Quarterly price there after


0 - 1,900                                  $95     $90                         $65      $60

1,901 - 3,500                          $105   $100                        $70      $65

3,501 - 5,900                          $115   $110                        $75      $70


*Prices in green are for multi-program customers

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