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Most of us like to think that our lawns and indoor spaces are free from pests. However, the truth is that once a single pest finds its way inside your home or even finds shelter in your lawn, it can be very difficult to get rid of it and stop an infestation.

Pesky critters are typically on the lookout for a continuous source of food and a place to hide. Here are some reasons why pests can make their way into your lawn or indoor living spaces.

Overgrown Plants and Shrubs

One of the most common reasons why pests can seek shelter in your home is because of overgrown plants and shrubs. Thick foliage and overgrown shrubs can create a dark barrier for these critters from the outside world. Once they start hiding out in your plants and trees, they can also cause a lot of damage to the leaves and roots.

Damaged Screen Doors

Damaged screens can also allow pesky critters to enter your home. Any tiny opening in your windows or doors, a missing or torn screen in the attic, or the crawlspace vent will provide an entrance for even larger pests to enter.

Make sure none of your screens have any holes or openings in them. A single pest might enter your home and slowly cause an infestation that could have easily been avoided. Double-check your attic vents in the spring and fall to ensure all of the spaces in your home are well-covered.

Leaving Pet Food Outside

Another reason why pest infestations happen is leaving any pet food outside.

Squirrels love bird feeds, and raccoons and opossums actively search for cat food and dog food. Make sure you pick up any leftover pet food outside of your house to keep any pests away.

Pest Control Pros At Your Service!

Any pest infestation should be taken very seriously. If not dealt with right away, they can soon become very nightmarish and can cause irreparable damage to your home and lawn.

This is where our pest control experts can help. With over a decade of experience in the industry, our team of pest control experts takes pride in their innovative techniques and leading-edge machinery that effectively eliminates pests.

All of our technicians are well-trained and know how to create tailored pest treatments that suit your pest situation best. Our team also receives regular comprehensive training to stay up to date on the latest pest control trends and techniques.

We will ensure your entire house and outdoor space is free of all infestations.

So what are you waiting for? Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation!

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